Lift Off is changing the way people think about paint removal. The bond breaking formulas in Lift Off® paint, varnish, and caulk removers have more affinity for the surface than the paint. They get under the paint and lift it off intact, rather than melting it into toxic liquid waste. As a result, the removed material remains intact for safe and easy disposal.

Lift Off's Paint and Varnish Remover has been proven to remove 15 coats of paint in 15 minutes! That’s phenomenal for water-based, safe chemistry. Click here to watch it work!

Lift Off's patented Enviro Science™ eliminates the need to use harmful or toxic materials. Many common paint strippers, including one cited by CBS News This Morning, contain either methylene chloride or NMP, which are proven to cause serious health issues and even death if precautions are not strictly followed.

What is NMP? It stands for N-Methylpyrrolidone, which is a solvent used in a variety of industries such as paint and coating removal, petrochemical processing, and electronics cleaning.

Lift Off's products have been the paint removers of choice to safely and effectively remove graffiti from national parks, historical sites and other commercial applications by janitorial and sanitation professionals as well as Do-It-Yourselfers across the world.