Enviro Science™ Formulas

Lift Off's® products employ patented Enviro Science™ formulations that are water-based, biodegradable, and contain low or no VOCs making them safe for the environment, the user, and the surface to which they are applied. Lift Off's Enviro Science™ eliminates the need to use harmful or toxic materials.

Indoor / Outdoor Safe

Lift Off's® products contain no toxic ingredients making them safe for use indoors. They are also safe to use outdoors near plants and water.

Surface Safe

Lift Off's® products can be used on many surfaces from porous brick and cement to hardwood and even delicate fabrics and carpeting. These water-based, biodegradable formulas contain no harsh substances or bleaching agents. They target the unique composition of each type of stain or paint they are designed to remove and break the molecular bond to safely lift and remove it from the surface.